“When our lands, rivers, lakes, and the Salish Sea are healthy, our people are healthy."

The Tsleil-Waututh people have always assumed the role of caretakers of our traditional territory. Just as the lands and waters have sustained us since time out of mind, it is our sacred trust to not only care for them in return, but to restore the environment to its prior state. Our people have a deep understanding of what the health of our environment means to the lives of our community members. The principles that guide our approach to stewardship are built from teachings passed on by our Elders, our relationship to the land, and our aboriginal rights and title.

If you hold interests in the land, water and resources in the Tsleil-Waututh consultation area [map] granted to you by other governments, or if you have plans for projects that involve the use of this area, we wish to talk with you about ways in which those interests can be used to better serve your needs and those of the Tseil-Waututh Nation. For more information, please see our Stewardship Policy [pdf].

The approach we take to fulfilling our obligation to our lands and waters, and the resources found within them, uses the vast traditional knowledge we have accumulated over the thousands of years we have inhabited our territory. We also seek to supplement Tsleil-Waututh knowledge with creative tools and non-traditional approaches, scientific skills, and expertise. This results in a more holistic approach to natural resource stewardship.

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