Child & Family Development Centre


Address: 3036 Takaya Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7H 3A8

Telephone Number: (604) 929-0693

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The Tsleil-Waututh Child and Family Development Centre works to promote healthy development in children, families and the community by using a strength based approach that is family focused, community based and culturally inclusive.

Family focused means we will help the family in identifying what their goals are and support them in reaching those goals.

We plan on using as many community supports and resources, as possible, to help families reach their goals. Some families may find it hard to use certain supports, the centre will then work with parents to deal with those road blocks or look at other supports.

Although the centre will have the Tsleil-Waututh culture as part of its curriculum, the centre will also look at other First Nation’s cultures and the cultures of the families who are enrolled in the centre. Staff will share their culture as well as work on showing the children other cultures.

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