Services Offered


Fully licensed child care service for children from 6 months old until school age (when they enter Grade 1) to the broader community (non-aboriginal), on a fee for service basis.

Parent Night

Weekly parent groups where we provide a meal and child minding. Many of the parent groups have informative topics, with guest speaker. There are also informal sessions where parents can enjoy each other’s company and share their experiences.


HIPPY Program which reaches out to families with children who are 3, 4 & 5 years old. Providing activities and support to help children develop literacy and numeric skills for school. The essential component of this program is parental involvement where the worker provides families with simple activities, which the families follow through with. When the children enter school, the families realise how important their efforts are and are more likely to be involved win their child’s education.

Aboriginal Infant Development

Aboriginal Infant Development Program, to visit homes with children under 6 years old and empowers families in their roles as the primary people in children’s lives. Aboriginal Infant Development Consultants are professional workers who have clinical skills who work collaboratively with families in reaching goals set by the families

Aboriginal Head Start Program

Aboriginal Head Start Program. A free 3 hour program for community children to foster literacy and numeric skills as well as ensuring children are socially and emotionally ready for school. We incorporate First Nations culture as well as the cultures of our staff (Iranian, Jewish, Spanish, French) and those of the broader community. Although our funding for this is targeted to the Tsleil-Waututh community children any child in the centre is part of the program. 

Special Needs Support

Specialised support for children with special needs. We have a long standing partnership with Supported Child Care to support children with a variety of abilities.

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