Band School

 We believe that people come first. Therefore we strive to create individualized programs and services that address the needs of each individual. We know that people have social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive needs, and that learning happens best in an environment where all of those needs can be addressed in a culturally appropriate manner.


  1. To remove barriers to education which may include social, economic, environmental, emotional, or identity factors, and improve a student’s quality of life.
  2. To provide students with a flexible, yet structured environment, suitable to their needs.
  3. To provide students with educational options and to provide support for them as they face challenges to learning.
  4. To provide potential for success for partial or full integration into secondary or post-secondary settings, work experience, vocational training or the workplace.

Our program:

All students complete a Structure of Intellect (S.O.I.) Assessment. This assessment is used to help you determine your skills, your learning style and occupational interests. With these results you can use strategies that can support you in being an effective learner in school and in job training programs. The program also comes with a remedial program to improve skills.

Educational Sensory Integration (E.S.I.) is designed to develop learning abilities through sensory integration. Various exercises develop sequencing of information, motor coordination, visual and auditory processing. Activities help release the effects of emotional stress

Cultural Component: Medicine Cards/ Sacred Path Cards: an ancient tradition used by medicine teachers as a tool for self-discovery.

We offer the following educational options; the appropriate program will be made in consultation with student and parents.

  1. Academic Curriculum is delivered through education partnerships established with Fraser Valley Distance Education or South Island Distance Education (SIDES) We offer all major academic subjects (grades K-12) with the added support of on site teachers. Students may choose: High School Completion, Regular Dogwood, Adult Dogwood, High School Leaving Certificate or Academic Upgrading. 
  2. Transition planning for students is available for those wishing to enter/return to public school, Community College/University or a program such as vocational/trades training.

Interested in discussing our program further? Contact us for an intake interview and assessments


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