Youth Interns

Training Experience at the Tsleil-Waututh Nation

(This page was compiled by two youth interns, Selina & Jiovanni Beltran, who worked with the TWN IT department as interns in March, 2012)

Some people think youth are not motivated to get employed; TWN thinks youth need to be given the chance to be employable. TWN recognizes that to be employed you need to meet the requirements of the job you’re aiming to get. Everyone we interviewed is involved in some way with training the youth of TWN.

For our internship we were required to come up with a web page on our own and decide what should be on it. Since it had to be about training youth we decided to go right to where it happened and find out who is involved and how they help youth. We only got to interview only a handful of people that work with youth in our community but we still got the valuable information we needed.

Through out our interviews we learned that TWN has a variety of programs open to youth to expand their knowledge and abilities in the business world. These people were kind enough to give their thoughts and time for this project, now click the links and listen to what they had to say.


Bridget interview

"Get as much experience as possible. And if there are opportunities like the training programs in offered by TLR that you can get involved with, then definitely take the chance with them. It all helps."



Carleen interview

"Take a healthy risk"



Josh interview

"Always be willing to learn new things when the opportunity is presented"


Michelle interview

"I would tell youth to be courageous, take advantage of the gift the creator gave to you. Be the best person you can be everyday and just believe in yourself, and what ever it is you want to do, just follow your heart and do your best to do it and succeed. If you want something enough you'll do it."


People Who Help Train Aboriginal Youth

First Nations Employment Society
Aboriginal skills group



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