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    Harnessing Collective Energy
    Tsleil-Waututh and Startup Canada Invite You to Discuss Entrepreneurship


    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    Please note that the venue for this event has changed. It will now be held at the Holiday Inn North Vancouver, 700 Old Lillooet Road, North Vancouver.

    The Leadership Forums at Tsleil-Waututh provide a space for Aboriginal communities and their partners to create new ideas. They are about sharing expertise and learning. Based on Tsleil-Waututh's own economic successes and the realization the Nation can learn much from its peers, this venue is offered to better use and develop effective strategies and tools that create wealth and achieve community, political and business goals. 

    The Leadership Forums at Tsleil-Waututh will feature Startup Canada for a morning of information sharing and exchange about entrepreneurship, its role and value, its opportunities and challenges in the context of on- and off-reserve Aboriginal economic development.

    About Startup Canada and the Event 

    Startup Canada is an entrepreneur-led, national movement with the objective of enhancing the nation’s competitiveness and prosperity by supporting and celebrating Canadian entrepreneurship. The event at Tsleil-Waututh is one of 130 planned across the nation designed to work together with the Canadian entrepreneurial community in developing a clear, collective vision for the future. Through this highly collaborative and creative process, the communities from coast to coast will work together to identify the top challenges facing Canadian entrepreneurs; develop innovative solutions to overcome those challenges; share, build and prioritize ideas, approaches and recommendations for future growth; and ultimately, arrive at a collective vision and strategy that leads to real change and action.

    Startup Canada will introduce the movement, its goals and the individuals and organizations involved. 

    As a recognized leader in the business community and amongst First Nations, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation will host the event and will invite Aboriginal leadership, entrepreneurs, community and youth from across BC to attend. 

    Presenters with a track record in entrepreneurship (Aboriginal, non-Aborignal, community-driven and individual) will share their expertise with the audience. Presenters and audience will provide Startup Canada with ideas informing the Startup Canada Living Manifesto, A Collective Vision of Canada's Entrepreneurial Future. 

    You should attend if you:

    • are an Aboriginal community economic and business development decision maker;
    • represent an Aboriginal organization mandated with the support of economic and business development;
    • are an Aboriginal entrepreneur;
    • are interested in becoming an entrepreneur;
    • are an Aboriginal youth interested in entrepreneurship.

    Draft Agenda:

    09.00 am welcome to Tsleil-Waututh Territory and Prayer
    09.05 am welcome by Startup Canada
    09.15 am introduction of panel

    09.20 am presentation by Leonard George, TWN Economic Development
    09.30 am Q&A

    09.35 am presentation by Sharon Bond, Owner, Kekuli Cafe, Westbank, BC
    "Don't Panic!  We Have Bannock!"
    The Aboriginally-owned Kekuli Cafe was founded in 2005.  Sharon Bond will share how she moved her vision of entrepreneurship to reality.
    09.45 am Q&A

    09.50 am presentation by Danny Chase, President, Chase Office Interiors, Vancouver, BC
    Chase founder Danny Chase (self-proclaimed improvement fanatic) is driven by a relentless passion to make customers happy.  He strongly believes he and his team should earn your business every time, like it's the first time.  His constant desire to improve is contagious and is steadily steering Chase Office Interiors towards setting new standards in the office furniture industry.
    10.00 am Q&A 

    10.05 am presentation by Alano Edzerza, Artist and Owner, Edzerza Gallery, North Vancouver, BC
    Alano is a trendsetting Tahltan artist, who cemented the reputation of his growing company during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Tahltan people have always been industrious, sustaining themselves for thousands of years with the rich resources of their tribal territory. In pre-contact times, Tahltan people operated an elaborate trading economy based on their location between coastal nations and inland tribes. Understanding his entrepreneurial roots, Alano combines his passion for art with a passion for business creating and marketing art pieces in jewelry, stone, steel and limited edition print as well as his successful clothing line.  Alano is a board member of both the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) and the Industry Council for Aboriginal Business.
    10.15 am Q&A

    10.20 am presentation by Tewanee Joseph, CEO, Tewanee Consulting, North Vancouver, BC
    Tewanee is a member of the Squamish First Nation, and is half Maori. He served eight years on the Squamish Nation Council. Recently, Tewanee served as the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Four Host First Nations Secretariat for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Tewanee worked with the Vancouver Organizing Committee and its partners to ensure unprecedented Aboriginal participation in the planning, hosting and staging of the 2010 Games. In this role, he spearheaded the largest re-brand of Aboriginal people in Canadian history, and led the team that overcame countless obstacles and doubt to create a world renowned brand, and a new model for inclusivity. His goal is to carry on these teachings and share best practices long into the future.
    10.30 am Q&A

    10.35 am coffee break

    10.50 am panel discussion facilitated by Startup Canada and designed to gather input into the Living Manifesto

    11.30 am wrap

    This event is designed and managed by Raven Events and Communications, Sliammon, BC.  For more information, please contact us at or 1-604-483-3532.

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